We have customer and item registers with price lists from Ahlsell, Lindab, Bevego, Profisol and Paroc. Powerful and flexible handling of work orders with registration templates, priority lists, time calendar, etc. The packages of course also include invoicing and ledgers, accounting and accounts payable as well as the opportunity to build on with e.g. PDAs, payroll and project management.


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Some of the features: 

  • Project management with budget and forecast
  • Work order management
  • Billing
  • Accounts receivable
  • ÄTA management
  • Payroll management



Calculation programme

Hantverksdata is the company that has been entrusted with leading the Isolerkalkyl support from Isoleringsfirmornas Förening (IF). 

Three important benefits: 

  • Large support organization
  • Long experience of construction companies
  • Upcoming integration between the business system Entré and Calculation.