Entré Office

A smart standard solution

Entré Office is the web tool with the smart solutions for the modern craft company. In the Entré Office, everything is in the same system, fully integrated and pre-packaged. If you do not need detailed functionality, this system is for you. With Entré Office, you always have access to the system. On your mobile, tablet or computer.

Package deals

Entré Office

415 SEK/month

per user

Work orders, invoicing, accounts receivable, time registration, self-checks, time planning and completed industry price lists.

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Entré Office Order

155 SEK/month

per user

Work Order, Time & Material Registration

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Entré Office Time register

100 SEK/month

per user

Time register

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This is Entré Office

Entré Office contains industry solutions for most craft industries such as Electrical, Plumbing, Painting, Glass, Sheet Metal, Ventilation and Construction. You have the industry-unique solutions in one place; work orders, invoicing, time registration, self-checks, document management and updated price lists from the leading suppliers. Entré Office is packaged to suit the vast majority of small and medium-sized companies that work with contracting and service. Contact us to see if Entré Office is the solution you are looking for.


Start by ordering a test period, we call and book an appointment for a short demo. The test period has started! 30 days open purchase. You have free support during our opening hours.

Solutions in Entré Office


  • Order management
  • Manage articles
  • Time register
  • Scheduling
  • Customer management
  • Accounts receivable
  • Supplier & Accounting
  • Fortnox
  • Project accounting

Order management

Easily collect all material, hours and work order in the system. With the help of EDI delivery notes, favorite lists and ready-made industry price lists that are always updated.

Manage articles

Entré Office comes with current price lists for your industry. The lists are updated automatically. You can also read your discount letters if you want.

Time register

Record the time directly at the workplace. A registration provides a basis for both work order and salary.


Address the work order to the worker and it will be visible directly in the tablet / mobile phone.

Customer management

All information is saved and available. It is possible to set payment days, visible discount / surcharge, visible article number, root information and reverse construction VAT.

Accounts receivable

Helps you keep track of customers paying their invoices on time. In addition to payment registration, you can send reminders and make the root application via file.

Supplier & Accounting

Keep track of your supplier invoices and pay on time. For easier registration, use an EDI invoice and registration will be hassle-free. All invoices and payments automatically end up in the accounting. Register other transactions manually. Opportunity to take out a VAT report, balance sheet and income statement.


Create work orders, document and register time and materials in the Entré Office. When the job is done, you can invoice, manage the accounts and customer ledger in Fortnox through the integration.

Project accounting

Link orders to projects. With the opportunity to get an account of hours, costs and all income on all incoming orders in the project.


Work orders, invoicing and accounts receivable.
Work order, invoicing, accounts receivable and time registration.
Work orders, invoicing, accounts receivable, time registration, self-checks, time planning and completed industry price lists.
No, the program is web based.
There is no binding time.
For sure! Opening hours: 08.00-16.30 all work days 08.00-13.00 day before day off 12.00-13.00 closed for lunch Phone: 08-473 70 10 E-mail: support@hantverksdata.se