Welcome to Hantverkdata's AI Hackathon!

What is a Hackathon?

The hackathon will consist of two competitions: Best AI driven feature for optimal customer value and Best AI prototype.

AI is becoming both bigger and smarter, and belongs to the future of many tech companies. How could AI help automate administration for small business owners? Or how to drive data to streamline decision-making processes?

The participants of "Best AI driven feature for optimal customer value" have come up with great ideas and those joining  the "Best AI prototype", will have 48 to build an actual prototype using AI!

As a way to kick off the event with energy and celebrate it, we'll have breakfast served on May 31 and afternoon fika to close the Hackathon with treats on June 2

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This was the challenge for the participants:

🚀 Best AI prototype

We're inviting our development and product departments to put their skills to the test! During the Hackathon days, you'll build your prototype based on any idea you choose, with a great prize up for grabs.

In the final day, the team will present their prototype to the jury and a winner will be announced after jury trials. The award for the Best AI prototype will be 1000 Euros!


🚀 Best AI driven feature for optimal customer value

Open to everyone in the group, regardless of department! We want to hear your ideas for how we can introduce AI into our products, with a focus on automation and customer value. Send your idea with a user case and an example of the problem this feature would solve.

The submissions will be reviewed by our jury and the winner will be announced in the opening of the AI Hackathon and awarded 500 Euros.



Reply by Monday 29 May!


Wed 31/5 - Do you want breakfast?
Fri 2/6 - Do you want afternoon fika?
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